January 10, 2007

The Beginning

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

The Origin Post

I’ve started this blog purely as a place to write what I think. Being a journalism student (always learning), I know that it is important to get your name on as much work as possible; to make a reputation for yourself.

While some may remember the Ramblings I wrote in high school, I can assure you these will only be similar in name. Obscenity-riddled diatribes about what I did when I was drunk on the weekend isn’t a format I would particularly want to keep. But you never know what might happen if I come on the computer at the wrong time of night (No Promises).

I don’t know who (or if anyone) will read this site, but it’s better than not writing at all. I invite everyone who stops in to share questions and/or comments.

I look forward to one day building a fan base, but only time will tell if that will happen.

Enjoy the Ramblings folks.

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  1. Former journalism student? Always a student, always learning.

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