January 12, 2007

NFL Division Playoff Picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Seahawks (+8.5) over BEARS

I realize that Seattle was one Tony Romo hold away from watching the playoffs instead of playing this week. I realize that the Bears are playing at home after a week off to rest. I also realize that when these two teams played earlier this year, Chicago straight up jacked the Seahawks. But there is something about Rex Grossman that makes me severely hesitant to bet on him. I suffered through the Grossman rollercoaster all season having him on my fantasy team; believe me when I tell you how bad he can be.

But eight-and-a-half points are far too much to be giving in any intra-NFC game, especially the playoffs. Rex or not.

Pick: Chicago 16, Seattle 10

Patriots (+5) over CHARGERS

This match up has game of the year written all over it. Brady and Belichick are going up against Marty Schottenheimer and Phil Rivers. It’s that sentence that makes me think twice about taking the Chargers. Marty is a notoriously bad playoff coach and this is Rivers’ playoff debut. One can argue that LDT can carry his team if Rivers falters, but do you really think that wife-stealing Bill hasn’t come up with a game plan to combat that? Either way, I foresee this game coming down to a game-winning attempt, with the Pats losing.

Pick: San Diego 21, New England 20

SAINTS (-5) over Eagles

As much as Philadelphia is on a roll right now and has a ton of momentum, Donovan McNabb will get his wish and the Eagles will be bounced this week. Could you actually imagine what would happen if the Eagles won the Super Bowl with Jeff Garcia at quarterback? Would McNabb be run out of town? Watching him stand on the sidelines is depressing, he may as well be openly routing for a loss. The upside is his beard has come in super strong.

Seriously though, do you really think that Drew Brees, possibly the best pure quarterback in the league this year, can’t pick apart a beaten down Eagles secondary? With all-pro Lito Sheppard out, it should be a long day for Philly in the Superdome.

Pick: New Orleans 34, Philadelphia 17

RAVENS (-4) over Colts

Do you really, truly believe that Peyton Manning can win two playoff games in a row? Has he ever actually accomplished that? I can’t see it happening. Tack on the fact that Baltimore has assembled one of, if the not the best defense in the NFL. The only way that Indy has a chance would be if their defense plays as well as they did last week (which was more K.C. shooting themselves in the foot then anything) and McNair goes down with some sort of injury (more likely then you think). With their opponent’s hopes in the incompetent hands of Kyle Boller, the Colts may come through, but most likely not.

Pick: Baltimore 30, Indianapolis 10


I’m letting my editor from Tangible Sounds, Alyssa, pick the results for some games. She actually hasn’t lost a football bet since I’ve known her but she has never actually watched a game. Sometimes you don’t have to be good to be lucky.

Alyssa’s picks are the Ravens and the Saints. Seems like I’m in good company.

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