January 12, 2007

The Rory Fiasco

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

With Rory Fitzpatrick falling short of being voted into the NHL All-Star game, we all, unfortunately, get to miss out on countless heated debates regarding whether or not he should play. Any person who puts up the argument that he doesn’t deserve to be in the game because he stat line is far less than average, is an idiot who doesn’t realize what the All-Star game is about. Fans are given the vote for a reason; this game is an exhibition for the fans to watch the players they want to see represent the Eastern and Western conferences. Just because Fitzpatrick isn’t up to snuff with the likes of Pronger, Neidermayer and Lidstrom shouldn’t negate his right to play.

Everyone’s favourite analyst, Paul McGuire, actually went as far as calling the voting public idiots for going along with the Vote For Rory campaign. I was actually looking forward to the possibility of these debates, too bad they won’t take place.

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