January 17, 2007

Chris Webber Signs With Detroit

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Does this move make the Pistons better or worse?

If Webber plays the way he did in Philadelphia, Detroit will be worse; especially in the defensive end. Does he even have incentive to play for the next two seasons? With Philadelphia buying out his massive deal, he’ll be making $25M for NOT playing for the Sixers. How hard would you play knowing that you didn’t have to work for your salary? Especially a lottery sized amount of money.

But, in the off chance that playing where he was born and in the same state he played college ball (and made the most memorable time out calls in history), can somehow rejuvenate him to the 20 and 10 player he was, needless to say, Detroit may become the toast of the East again. Also, wouldn’t you want to prove to your former team that releasing you was a mistake? The classic quote is “Living well is the best revenge,” so why wouldn’t Webber adopt a “Playing well is the best revenge,” mantra? Time will tell how this move turns out, but one thing is for certain: the Philadelphia 76ers are pulling out all the stops to win the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

On the side, He has to be the first NBA player to wear number 84 right? Is there anyway to find this out? Even if there was a previous player, would C-Webb not be the de-facto best ever in the NBA?

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