January 17, 2007

Even More Thoughts About All-Star Games

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Ice Hockey

Wait, the NHL’s All Star Game is on a Wednesday? Better ratings than last two year’s contests!

While in the past the NHL’s All-Star game has usually been played on a Sunday afternoon or evening, that set up is basically a recipe for failure. If you were a sports fan and faced the option of watching the AFC or NFC championship games, or a meaningless contest of hockey, most would tune into football.

You’re naming the site of the 2009 game before you’ve confirmed where the 2008 game will be? Makes more sense than hall of fame voting!

While it was still unconfirmed that Yankee Stadium would host the 2008 MLB All-Star game, Bud Selig didn’t hesitate to name Busch Stadium in St. Louis as the host of the 2009 contest. What also struck me as odd in this turn of events is that the decision to hold the game in New York is a 180 of what has been occurring in recent years of the All-Star game. Commissioner Bud Selig has been making it a point, of late, to award the midsummer award to cities with recently built stadiums, as opposed to older venues. The Yankees last season in the house that Ruth built will be 2008 and I understand that this will be a celebration of the history behind the grounds. But with the current trend of newer stadiums as hosts, would the league not be better served by having the new Yankee Stadium host the game in 2010? Either way it is a good choice to have one of the Yankee Stadiums host in either ‘08 or ‘10. The real question is which one?

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