January 17, 2007

I Can’t Help It That Beckham’s Always In The News

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

What was lost in the hub-bub of the size of David Beckham’s contract and the fact that he’s coming to play in Los Angeles is that he and the L.A. Galaxy committed collusion. Since when has an athlete been able to sign a contract with a team while still being under contract with another team? I’m surprised this deal is legal. With months still on the Spanish league’s schedule and Beckham’s contract, there should have been no way that negotiations even took place.

In the least surprising turn of events of this Beckham saga, Real Madrid’s manager has decided to bench Becks until his contract with the team ends. Real Madrid had no other choice than to do so. Beckham, if he’s smart, wouldn’t be playing all out when he’s set to start his new contract a few months away. There’s no reason for him to risk injury. Breaking his foot, tearing something in his knee or suffering a concussion would seriously affect his arrival and ability to play for his new team.

This news should make the L.A. Galaxy, MLS and North American soccer fans rejoice even more about his arrival. With his benching in Spain, an early arrival to the U.S. may be closer to spring than his previously stated July debut. That is, of course, if Real Madrid will consent to him doing so.

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