January 19, 2007

Conference Championship Picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

New Orleans (+3) over CHICAGO

If you think about it this way, when you add up that Dallas should have beaten Seattle who barely lost Chicago, do you think Dallas would have any chance at beating New Orleans? Of course not because we remember what happened when New Orleans walked into Dallas and killed the legend of Tony Romo. So after considering that, is there still a reason why you would pick Chicago this weekend? Their defense isn’t as healthy as they need it to be, Devin Hester is a non-factor if you kick the ball away from him and Rex Grossman is, well Rex Grossman.

Also, don’t forget that everyone in America outside of the Chicago area is rooting for New Orleans after last year’s Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Pick: New Orleans 24, Chicago 13

Patriots (+3) over INDIANAPOLIS

This weekend, we’re all lucky enough to witness the nearly annual Pats-Colts playoff game. The worst part about this is the media coverage that has been going overboard on the hype-machine. I also realize the hypocrisy of myself writing about the game, but how else am I supposed to make a pick?

On paper, the Colts look like they have a superior team. New England’s linebacker core is as slow as molasses. In their secondary, Rodney Harrison is banged up but will probably play even though he’s still nursing shoulder and knee injuries. Their wide receivers may very well be cut if they played on the Colts and Corey Dillon looks like he’s moving in slow-motion. Also, don’t forget that Adam Vinatieri is on the Colts side of the ball.

So why would I pick the Patriots? Well, first of all, this is going to be a close game, trust me. This game is most likely going to come down to a field goal and while Vinatieri is kicking for the Colts, the Pats rookie kicker Gostkowski has been on the money as of late. Secondly, Belichick and Brady are 12-1 together in the playoffs. Most of the time, it’s easy money putting your money behind them. Last but not least, I actually flipped a coin assigning heads to the Colts heads and tails to the Patriots. It came up tails, ergo, I’m taking New England.

Besides, the game will probably come down to a field goal; in that case, everybody ties with a +3 line if Indy kicks the game winner.

Pick: New England 23, Indianapolis 20

As for Alyssa, she’s going with New England and New Orleans. Is this good luck or a curse for my picks? We’ll see.

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