January 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Patriots Fall!

Even after going up by 18 and having the potential to run away with the game, the Patriots couldn’t hold down Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. New England straight up blew it and the Colts beat them down, that’s all that can really be said for that.

Tom Brady didn’t display his usual clutchness and the debates should now begin about if he’s lost it. I don’t think so but a case can be made. Especially after that brutal game-sealing interception he threw. If you’re one of the people out there who says that Tony Romo blew his team’s playoffs because he was distracted by his off-field drama, you shouldn’t be sparing Tom Brady any heat for his much publicized hook-up with Giselle Bundchen.

And what did I say about Reche Caldwell? Turns out I was right on the money about how bad he actually is. Maybe this loss wasn’t all Brady’s fault.

What conspiracy theory now?

The Saint’s Cinderella season has come to an end after losing in Chicago on Sunday. Many conspiracy theorists attributed the Saints run of luck this season to planning by the NFL head offices. Everything from the Texans passing on Reggie Bush to the Dolphins signing Culpepper over Brees to everyone passing on Marques Colston until New Orleans grabbed him the seventh round. Really, who wasn’t cheering for them after last year’s Hurricane Katrina disaster? Well, it was a good run while it lasted.

Also, have you heard of that Reggie Bush guy? He’s going to be quite something.

Indy named early favourite

Will defense conquer offense like the adage says or will Rex Grossman play like, well, Rex Grossman? Vegas look like they’re counting on the latter as the early line has the Colts giving 7 points for Super Bowl XLI.

What you really have to keep in mind is that Chicago’s vaunted defense has been sieve-like recently and Peyton Manning should be able to tear into them given the chance.

My early pick: Indianapolis 30, Chicago 20. But I’ll probably flip-flop over the next two weeks.

Fighting Irish receiver goes pro

Jeff Samardzija decided to turn pro after two outstanding season catching Brady Quinn’s passes at Notre Dame; only he’s going to be the one pitching instead of catching in the majors. Samardzija signed a 5-year deal with the Chicago Cubs and figures to be a possible ace of their staff after some development. I’m just excited to see a potential two-sport star again. It’s been too long since the days of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.

Parcells done in Big D

After a decidedly unsuccessful four years with the Dallas Cowboys, the Big Tuna has called it quits. Parcells has announced his retirement from football; this time for good he says. If he’s really gone for good remains to be seen as if, I recall correctly, he said the same thing the last time he retired.

The real question now is, “who’s going to be the next Cowboys coach?” But that could also be read, “Who wants to put up with Terrell Owens?”

It’s just too bad that former offensive coordinator Sean Payton left last off-season and became coach of the year for the Saints. He would have been a great choice to lead Dallas now.


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