January 23, 2007

NBA Wrap

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Well, that was kind of predictable

‘Melo scored 28 and Iverson dropped 22 and picked up 7 assists in their first game together. If you didn’t think that they’d be buddy-buddy for their first few game(s) together, you don’t know sports stars one bit; but give it time. Two players with their style of play are bound to butt heads; the only question is “When?” And when it happens, the media will, without a doubt, blow it out of proportion.

Kobe has an off night

A year ago, January 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant aka “Black Mamba” dropped 81 points on a pathetic looking Raptor’s team. This year, Kobe was only able to score 42 against Golden State. Has Kobe lost his game? Well, no, everyone has off nights; even Kobe. It’s a shame his scoring average for January 22 games over the past two seasons has dropped to 61.5.

David Stern’s power tripping again

After the tragic murder of NFL player Darrent Williams in outside a Denver nightclub, NBA commissioner David Stern is, according to the rumour mill, researching popular night clubs in major cities in an effort to ban his league’s players from going to them. While this can be construed as a precautionary measure, it is a violation of the player’s freedom to disallow them from going out to certain places in certain cities. Drive-by shootings can happen anywhere, not just outside popular clubs. Who’s to say that uber-white boy / Ashton Kutcher look-alike Kyle Korver won’t be out for a walk in a nice neighbourhood when a drunk driver accidentally runs him down while yelling, “You got punked!” Accidents will happen at any time and Stern should realize this.

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  1. The Lakers and Kobe are the best…no one compares to Kobe!

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