January 25, 2007

NHL All-Star Day Two Wrap

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

In a severely spiteful move toward these very ramblings, Brian Rolston, Bill Guerin and Yanic Perrault of the Western Conference combined for eight points last night. Jason Blake and Justin Williams of the Eastern Conference outscored their hot shot teammates Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin by a margin of 4-1. This comes on the heels of my criticism that none of those deserved to be All-Stars just a few days ago. Well, a big thanks goes out to you guys; a big, sarcastic thanks.

While the game turned out to be high scoring, as per usual, it seems that American fans still didn’t really care. After the game ended, the score and relating story were posted on ESPN.com as the third story in the queue. The, I guess you would call it, headline story of the page was (and currently still is as of 11:36 AM) a magazine piece about a high school football player who is currently incarcerated for statutory rape. This story (which is a good read) was posted on the site at 5 PM last night. So, I guess hockey is most definitely a second class sport in the U.S. and will continue to be for a long a time. If the promise of Crosby and Ovechkin teaming up doesn’t draw fans, what will?

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