January 29, 2007

I Sucessfully jinxed Shaun White

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

Thanks to his inability to completely spin a 1260 (which is the new 1080 apparently), Shaun White did not complete his quest for a 5-peat. Under-rotating on his 1260 attempt on the “Last Chance booter” in the slopestyle run seemingly cost Shaun the gold and had to settle for silver. The Flying Tomato also came up short in the halfpipe competition which went to underdog Steve Fisher who came out of nowhere to take the event. I’m just happy that I was able to throw in my Shaun White jinx before it was too late.

In Snowboard big air showdown, Andreas Wiig stomped a frontside 1080 to beat Travuis Rice. Rice got lost in the air while attempting what can best be described as a rodeo 900 gone wrong in the finals.

Without the moto-x guys jumping a huge mound of snow, the snowmobilers took their spot and went off like you would expect them to. Chris Burandt ended up taking down Norwegian sensation Aleksander Nordgaard. Just to blow your mind, Nordgaard landed the only back-flip off of a snow job while Burandt nailed a back flip over a 100-foot gap. That’s right, people are flipping 450-pound machines in competitions now-a-day and they’re doing it on purpose.

2006 winter Olympic goat Lindsay Jacobellis lost out on another gold medal in similar fashion. In case you don’t remember, Jacobellis tried a trick on the last jump of her nearly gold medal run and ended up bailing only to slide across the finish second at the Olympics. This time, Lindsay didn’t even have to try a trick to fall and this time she dropped to third in the final.

For all the video footage you could want, check out EXPN.com

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