January 30, 2007

Baseball Luke-Warm Stove

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Surprise! Seattle overpays player!

Jeff Weaver was able to coax over $8.3 M out of the Seattle Mariners. I have found memories of Weaver from his days in Detroit when he was the ace of staff where I could’ve been his number three starter. He propelled my fantasy team to a championship, well it wasn’t all him, but he helped. Then he was traded to the Yankees and, for the most part, it was all downhill. My favourite moment occurred when, during a game against the Jays on live television, a player swung at one of his pitches let go of the bat. Of course, it flew into the stands; it nearly hit a young girl in fact. Jeff followed the path of the bat and upon seeing this turn of events, yelled “Fuck” as loud as humanly possible. It was a Sunday afternoon I won’t soon forget.

In Sigh of Relief News

Being a Jays fan, it’s fair to say that Boston landing Todd Helton may seriously have further stifled Toronto’s chances of ever making the playoffs. While he may be a product of Coors Field’s lofty atmosphere, Helton is consistent on the road as well, proving it’s no fluke. According to the Denver Post, Boston’s reluctance to include a high level prospect in the trade was essentially a deal-breaker. I can breathe easy for now, but I’m still going to need to see Daisuke Matsuzaka struggle to adapt to MLB life before I’m fully relieved.

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