January 31, 2007

MLB Contract-o-rama!

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Sosa Comeback!

The times are a changing. Who would have thought a few years ago that Sammy Sosa would have to work to get a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers? It’s fairly obvious that he’s past his prime and really struggled in Baltimore, but taking a year off and then signing a minor league deal is pretty much admitting he was on something during his homerun mashing glory days. Good luck making the team; you’re pretty much just a sideshow now.

Bonds in the News

The MLB has reportedly announced that if Bonds is indicted, the Giants can void the 1-year, $15M deal he just signed. The deal itself was already up in the air after Bonds reportedly tested positive for amphetamines during last season; even though the records should’ve been sealed.

Also, word has it that, when it comes down to it, Hank Aaron will most likely attend the games in which Bonds hits homeruns 755 and 756. Aaron had previously stated he would not be there to witness his record being broken, but Commissioner Bud Selig now thinks otherwise. All that I know is that if an alleged steroid user like Bonds was about to beat one of my sacred records, I wouldn’t want to shake his hand afterwards. And I’ll also admit that I’m a Bonds supporter too.

Red Sox Smarter than I Thought?

Turns out that Theo Epstein is as smart as we all thought a few years ago (read: he hasn’t been doing well recently). After completing the signing of J.D. Drew (which only took a month or so), it’s been revealed that the Red Sox negotiated several escape clauses into his contract in case he gets injured. For instance, if Drew spends 35 or more days on the DL this season, Boston can negate the rest of his deal. They have the same option if Drew ends the 2008 season on the disabled list as well.

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