February 1, 2007

The Intern’s prediction of: NBA All-Star Reserves

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

**Note from Dan: This was written pre-announcement**

I am sitting at my desk shaking with anticipation for the big announcement tonight on TNT. Tonight at 7pm the reserves for the All-star game will be finally revealed. This announcement will be definitely shrouded in a veil of controversy and goddamn it how I love controversy.

The major storyline I foresee tonight is will Melo be an All-star? I say hell ya! I know the argument against him is that he has only played 28 games due to the little dispute that took place at the Gardens, but think about it this way; he has played 4 times more games then Shaq and Mr. O’Neal is a starter. Furthermore, Melo is the league leading scorer, which is more then enough to qualify him for a spot on the hardwood. Now that I have got that little diatribe about Melo being an All-Star off my chest its time to get the good stuff and that is who I project to be a reserve.

Let’s start with the Leastern conference. Ben Gordon definitely needs to be an All-Star. He is leading the Bulls in scoring at 20+ a game and is Mr. Clutch in the fourth quarter. Next to him should be Jason Kidd. With 15-8-8, his numbers speak volumes, ‘nuff said. Onto the forwards, this is where it gets really tricky solely because the east is devoid of talented big men. JO gets the nod just by default and with the ankle injury to ‘Twan I have to give the other spot to Caron. There are only two true centers that are consistently producing in the east and they are Dwight Howard and Eddy Curry. I pick Howard out of contempt for Isiah Thomas. Remember the C.B.A.? Exactly, fuck you Isiah! The two wild cards I take are Michael Redd and Joe Johnson. That’s right, no love for Carter.

Onto the unstoppable juggernaut known as the Western Conference; Steve Nash: no explanation needed. Next to him I have to go with Deron Williams. Man, it’s scary how much Williams and Boozer remind me of the infamous Stockton – Malone combo. Now here comes the tricky part with the over-saturation of talented threes and fours in the West. I’m going to have to go with ‘Melo and the potential MVP, my boy, Dirk Nowitzki. Finally I’ve got to go with Amare as Center. My two wild cards are Shawn “I can do anything” Marion and Josh Howard. If you have any hate mail, feel free to comment. I’ll be back after the all-star reserves announcement.

J. Guy

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