February 1, 2007

The Intern’s take on: NBA All-Star Starters

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The starting Rosters are in for the upcoming all-star game and, for the most part, I actually agree with them. Being a Raptors aficionado, I absolutely love the fact that Agent Zero beat out VC. BURN IN HELL CARTER! Breathe Jeff; I need to stop myself now before I go into Anti-Vinsanity rant, you don’t want that. It was a pleasant surprise that my boy, CB4, beat out JO for the starting forward position.

Now I do have a few gripes about the outcome. First issue: how in the name of Zeus’s butt hole can anyone justify the Diesel getting the starting nod? He has played in a staggering 6 games all season, and is averaging 12 points and 6.5 boards. Give me a second to catch my breath because I am in complete awe of these sub-par stats. Even Eddy “I have an eating problem” Curry is having a better season then Shaq. I realize that Shaq Baby has been an All-star since the turn of the century, but this year he just shouldn’t make the cut.

I know, I know, the fans vote these All-Stars in but the league should institute a minimum number of games a player has to play to be eligible to participate in the All-Star festivities.

Now my main issues with the West is how can you not have somebody representing either the Suns or the Mavs? They are one and two in the league respectively. Since Yao has already announced that he will not be playing, I think that either Dirk should get the call or they could insert Nash and rotate the rest of the lineup. We shall find out soon. Finally, the rest of the roster will be announced on Today. It should be very interesting because of the lack of talent in the East and the abundance of awesomeness from the West. Till then.


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