February 6, 2007

Avery Dealt!

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

The NHL’s bad boy of recent years was dealt from L.A. to New York yesterday. Sean Avery, who leads the NHL in penalty minutes over the past two seasons, was traded along with a prospect for Jason Ward and two prospects. While picking up a marquee goon may have been a good idea pre-lockout, the question I have about this deal is what Elisha Cuthbert thinks about it. The Girl Next Door star has been dating Avery for some time now and I, for one, can only hope that this trade will bring too much strain for them to continue to see each other. Then, possibly, she could accept a role filming in Toronto and meet a handsome blogger named Dan. They could hit it off and immediately fall for each other. I would like to extend my thanks to Dean Lombardi and Glen Sather, the GMs of the Kings and Rangers, respectively, at this moment for setting into action this turn of events. Your wedding invitations are in the mail.

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