February 8, 2007

News from the NFL

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Cowboys hire Wade Phillips

After weeks of searching for an heir to Bill Parcells head coaching throne in Dallas, Jerry Jones has decided to hire Wade Phillips away from the San Diego Chargers. Phillips was serving as the Chargers defensive coordinator but will more so remembered for coaching the Buffalo Bills when the Music City Miracle occurred. He then chose to create controversy by picking Rob Johnson to start at quarterback over the incumbent Doug Flutie. As a Cowboys fan, I seriously hope that Phillips can tighten up the Dallas defense that looked porous towards the end of the season. Let’s also hope he chooses to keep Tony Romo at quarterback (despite the botched hold) and not take a step backwards with Drew Bledsoe.

Grab Your Tickets for the Quarterback Carousel

It’s coming up on that time of the year when QBs start rotating around the league and the names and places have already started flying in the rumour mill.

Jake Plummer: After being unseated by Denver’s QB of the future, Jay Cutler, Jake Plummer should be on the move this summer. Word has it that the Houston Texans are interested.

David Carr: If Plummer or another higher ranked QB lands in Houston, Carr could be dealt away. It seems unlikely that Carr will be on the move though; after all, he has been the starting quarterback of the Texans throughout their entire existence.

Jeff Garcia: After salvaging the Eagles season after McNabb’s injury, Garcia should garner a lot of suitors in the marketplace. Minnesota has been rumoured to have the hots for Jeff and are willing to throw roughly $4 million his way. Garcia has also stated that going to the Bears would be an interesting situation. Well, I certainly wouldn’t be able to bear a season without Rex Grossman. Frankly, he makes my day.

Michael Vick / Matt Schaub: It’s highly unlikely that either will be changing addresses but, as we all know, anything can happen in the NFL.

Byron Leftwich: For the past few seasons, Leftwich has either gone down to injury or he’s been temporarily displaced by David Garrard, who hasn’t even looked all that good. Logic dictates that this situation could come to a head this off-season and the fans are more behind Garrard than Leftwich.

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