February 9, 2007

Notes from the Soccer World

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

Zidane to Red Bulls?

Apparently, Zizuo himself was in attendance for a recent Knicks and even had a conversation with Knicks die-hard fan Spike Lee. This only throws fuel onto the fire that Zidane will come to play MLS ball in the near future. Could you even imagine what Zidane and Spike would talk about? I actually have no idea.

Beckham Playing?

Apparently Real Madrid is pretty hard up since they’re now contemplating putting David Beckham back on their squad. After the announcement of Becks signing his mega-deal with Los Angeles, Madrid’s manager decided to keep him off the pitch but still on the practice squad. I don’t know about you, but every second Beckham’s on the pitch for Real Madrid, I’m hoping that he doesn’t do something stupid enough to hurt himself. The Galaxy, who invested hundreds of millions in him, will probably be turning blue from holding their breath.

Ecuadorian Bad Boy to NY?

It turns out the New York Red Bulls are also pursuing Ecuador’s all-time leading scorer, Augustin Delgado. Apparently, Delgado also has a troubled past but does that really matter? After all, how much trouble could one guy get into in New York City? It’s also not like the NYC media is that fierce either.

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