February 9, 2007

Quick Items for a Friday

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

The Leafs listen to my advice.

Apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs read my post yesterday regarding their winning streak. It seems they took my advice and decided to quash their winning streak by losing to Nashville. We’ll see on Saturday if they continue following my advice and take a dive and convince their fans that they should be sellers at the deadline.

Chan Ho Park gets a job

The New York Mets have seen it fit to throw a one-year, $600,000 at Chan Ho Park who has put up one decent season this side of the millennium and that was in 2000. Park will compete to be in the Mets rotation which is already robust. Logic dictates he won’t make it, but why not take a shot? It’s not like a New York team is going to run out money sometime soon.

Top Recruit under watchful eyes.

After committing to USC, it turns out that highly rated recruit Joe McKnight had talked to former-USC star Reggie Bush. Apparently, you’re not allowed to talk to former players during the recruitment process which makes little to no sense to me. If I was in a similar situation where I’m picking a path for my future, I would want to talk to people who were in a similar position before me; but that’s just too logical for the NCAA.

Tyrus Thomas gets bit by karma

Days after admitting that he had only entered the slam dunk competition on all-star weekend to get the prize money, Tyrus Thomas met his karmic fortune. In a game against Sacramento, Tyrus Thomas got the ball on a fast break, seemingly tweaked his knee/ankle on the way up and missed the net completely. He landed past the baseline and then curled up in the fetal position grabbing his leg. It only seems appropriate that Thomas may miss the competition now and won’t cash in on the prize money.

Here’s the video if you want a laugh:

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