February 13, 2007

NFL Coaching Moves

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Schottenheimer Fired

Even after receiving what seemed like a vote of confidence not too long ago, Marty Schottenheimer wasn’t able to avoid the axe and was fired last night. This comes after Marty foolishly turned down a contract extension while he was seemingly on the hot seat too. Many NFL personalities called for this move after San Diego lost a close game to New England in the divisional playoffs after they had finished the season at 14-2, but it didn’t seem like it would happen. Well, now the Chargers staff has been nearly completely dismantled; with most notably, their former defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, was hired to replace Bill Parcells in Dallas. With this firing coming late in the off-season by comparison, San Diego will be lacking ideal replacements for the job and may find themselves on the short end of the stick. It may have been worth another season of Marty-ball rather than what they have to look forward to.

Reid to step away from game

After some recent family trouble, Andy Reid, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles has decided to take some time off from football to mend his own fences. Reid’s sons were both in the nation’s spotlight after two separate incidents with the police. Garrett Reid, 23, admitted he had taken heroine after driving through a red light and running into another car. Britt Reid, 21, pulled a gun on another motorist during a dispute then drove off laughing.

The most interesting part of Andy Reid’s decision to take some time off is the question if he’ll actually come back in mid-March like he said he would. According to insiders, Reid is very family oriented and may decide to take some extra time off or even call it quits. Eagles fans should start worrying about the Reid family even more than they already are or, maybe, give Marty a call, he’s looking for work.

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