February 15, 2007

NBA "Are you serious?" moves

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Wow! Well that was a little intolerant.

Apparently, Tim Hardaway hates the gays. Seriously, he said so himself. Are people still this intolerant towards others or is Hardaway just being ignorant for the sake of it. The former all-star guard has retired a few years ago and probably is just looking for people to talk to again. But even if he doesn’t mean the statement, it’s still a boneheaded move just to get some publicity.

This comes on the heels of former NBA player John Amaechi declaring to the world that he is gay but decided to hold off outing himself during his playing days due to backlash of this sort. The shocking part of this turn of events is that Amaechi is commending Hardaway for being honest! In the “ridiculous, absurd, petty, bigoted and shows a lack of empathy that is gargantuan and unfathomable,” way.

18 steps forward, 1 step back.

It looks like the Celtics’ road to Greg Oden Kevin Durant hit a speed bump last night when Paul Pierce led his struggling team past the Milwaukee Bucks. This just seems pretty counter-productive from my point of view. Sure, Boston may still have a chance at the Hotlantic crown, but they should be more focused on keeping pace with the awful Memphis Grizzlies who are also in all out tank mode. The smartest move that a “fan” of Boston could do right now is possibly put a hit out on Paul Pierce. If they could manage to hurt him enough to take him out of lineup for the rest of the season, it could be the move needed to capture that coveted number one pick.

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