February 17, 2007

Dan vs. The Intern: NBA All-Star Weekend

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Here at the Ramblings we like to wager on sports. More so I like making picks on pretty every event that I can while the Intern isn’t quite as inclined to do so. But considering this all-star game is being held in Las Vegas and the Intern is the biggest basketball fan I know, we’re having a little contest of sorts here at the Ramblings to see who can pick better over all-star weekend. And if you think we’re going to include the shooting stars contest, you must think that we consider that an actual event; not just an excuse to include the WNBA this weekend.

Skills Competition:

Dan: Wade nearly broke the record last year in this event but I don’t think he has what it takes to bring it home this year. I would pick Chris Paul but I’m still not sold on him. So when in doubt, go with what you know. Pick: Kobe Bryant.

The Intern: I have disliked this comp since it was conceived. I feel that the skills challenge proves nothing and is about as useful as Dick Chaney. Hmmm, on that note I guess I will pick Chris Paul for no real reason.

3-Point Shootout

Dan: The NBA has put the races on equal terms for this competition with 3 white guys and black guys in this competition. I think a white boy will walk away with the title for the second year in a row; but it won’t be Dirk. Pick: Mike Miller

The Intern: For the 3 point comp I am going to have to give the nod to Dirk. With the confidence he is playing with this year I can definitely see him repeating. The only way I see him losing is if Gilbert is allowed to wear his Agent Zero All-Star jersey, then nobody stands a chance; there is still a 50 / 50 chance he won’t show up to the completion because of his little addiction to a certain Texas card game. He might be a little preoccupied.

Slam Dunk Contest:

Dan: Big men rarely get the love in this competition and with both Tyrus Thomas and Dwight Howard in, it leaves Gerald Green and Nate Robinson to choose from. I can’t stand Nate and rumour has that Green’s got something huge planned, how can I go against him. Pick: G-Money, Gerald Green.

The Intern: The most anticipated event of the whole weekend is the glorious dunk competition. My initial pick for this was Dwight then the all knowing Commissioner Stern vetoed Howard’s idea to raise the net to 12 feet. Good work Stern… Idiot. My pick is G-money just on the basis that it is G-money. So enjoy the festivities and I will be back with my analysis next week.

All-Star Game and MVP:

Dan: Anyone who knows anything about basketball over the past few seasons knows that the West is the dominant conference. But, it is hard to argue that, with all of the injuries that they’ve suffered, the West can pull by a team featuring Lebron, D-Wade and CB4. Pick: Eastern Conference All-Stars.

The safe bet for MVP is anyone not named Mehmet Okur but I’ve actually got to pick a player, not just who it won’t be. Since I’ve picked the East to win, I pretty have to take one of their players here. I think that Lebron James nabs the award after being fed the ball from Dwayne Wade all night long. Pick: LeBron James

The Intern: I want to go with the West but my intuition and the fact that half of the West team is injured or not playing, I am giving the East the nod. For MVP, I am going to have to go with Hibachi. I have a feeling his vendetta tour will extend to the all-star game and if he is allowed to wear his Agent Zero jersey he will be able to wield the powers of Thor. Plus he has been playing like garbage for the last 2 weeks (vs. Portland 9 points? Come on) so he is out prove why he is sometimes referred to as the black Jesus. ‘Till then, stay classy Toronto.

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  1. I guess you two have yet to learn anything about the NBA. As the intern would know that I predicted the West to win and KOBE to take MVP of this years All-Star game. I would also like to go off on the fact of how BAD the East team played. Led by LBJ’s selfishness. The East squad got destroyed. I guess the only reason why I’m so upset is because of the fact that I am a Raptors fan, and the few touches CB4 received.

    My highlight of the evening: Shaq slamming down a signature dunk, and afterwards kissing T-MAC.

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