February 19, 2007

Dan, West trounce opponents

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

All-star weekend in Vegas has ended and no one even got shot, which, actually, is quite surprising. One can only hope this game leads to an actual team being placed in Sin City, or at least make all-star weekend there an annual event.

Skills Comp: In the final round, after Chris Paul and Lebron James didn’t make too much effort to move forward, it came down to defending champ Dwayne Wade vs. Kobe Bryant. While Wade had a record setting time, it came down to Kobe proving that he still has learned to pass correctly by missing 4 straight attempts.

3-Point Shootout: I’m going to be straight-up honest and say that if I hadn’t taken Mike Miller to win; my second choice was Jason Kapono. In fact, if I had seen a recent picture of Miller wearing his hair band like that, I would have picked Kapono. In case you didn’t see where this paragraph was going, Jason Kapono won.

Slam Dunk Competition: In what was comparably a shoddy contest, my boy, G-Money, Gerald Green came out on top, nearly by default. Green busted out 2 of the 3 best dunks of the night to take the crown. One included teammate Paul Pierce laying the ball off of the side of the net, followed by Green dunking it. Green also jumped completely over defending dunk champion Nate Robinson similar to what Nate did last year over Spud Webb. Dwight Howard didn’t make the finals but showed some innovation by slapping a sticker onto the backboard while dunking. The sticker ended up at an amazing 12′ 6″ showing that he could’ve done something great if Stern had allowed him to raise the rim.

The Game: Kobe showed that he was the star of All-Stars by winning the MVP at last night’s all-star game. The West dominated a game that had plenty of offense and very little defensive effort. The only reason I even say “little” instead of “no defensive effort” is based upon the fact that Garnett did have that huge block on D-Wade and there was the occasion errant pass picked off. But if you expected a Spurs-style defensive lock up, you were watching the wrong channel. A 153-132 victory is pretty much the type of score-line you should expect to see. But this is what an all-star game is supposed to be about; a showcase of the game’s most talented players proving what they can do.

The Prediction Challenge: We never claimed to be good at picking or wagering so I hope you didn’t rely on our wisdom. The final score, including the three events that we didn’t post on this site (Celebrity game, Rookie v. sophomore game and Barkley v. Bavetta) was 4-2 for I, Dan, who laid a smackdown of sorts on the lowly Intern.

Note: I took the West in the celebrity game, the Sophomores in the Rookie challenge and Barkley in the foot race. The Intern took the East, the sophomores and Bavetta.

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