February 20, 2007

News from around the NFL

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Brady to be Baby Daddy

It would be far too easy to throw a joke in here about his Visa commercial and the 5 stages of protection or maybe something about Bridget Moynahan being his best receiver but the real question is what did Gisele think when she found out? Wouldn’t any woman out there be automatically freaked out when you found out your boyfriend knocked up his ex-girlfriend before leaving her? This, of course, will be an on-going storyline and it will be interesting to see how Brady plays next season knowing that 15% of his paycheck won’t be going into his pocket.

San Diego re-tools coaching staff

After the late firing of Marty Schottenheimer, it was fairly obvious that San Diego would be left to pick up the scraps that fell off of the coaching carousel; so they did. With the hiring of Norv Turner, the Chargers actually picked a coach with a better play-off winning percentage than Marty’s (.500 v. .278) but with a far worse regular season record (.415 v. .613). In fact, Norv’s record is the fourth worst for a coach that’s been hired. The good news for Norv is that this Chargers team is good enough to win, in spite of his lowly record.

San Diego also made an impact move by grabbing Ron Rivera who was cast off by the Bears after contract talks went south. Rivera will become the linebackers coach of the Chargers which is actually a demotion from the defensive coordinator position he held in Chicago. The two points of interest in this decision are:

Rivera is accustomed to the 4-3 set the Bears used and the Chargers play a 3-4; can he adapt to the different defensive style? I say yes; with the linebacker core that San Diego has, it shouldn’t be too hard to coach them.

How did Rivera slide from being interviewed for 9 head coaching jobs over the past two years to taking an assistant role? I have no idea what’s wrong with him; maybe he should work on some offensive schemes with Turner and LDT while he’s in San Diego.

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