February 22, 2007

Deadline Day Is Here!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Today is a big day for all of the NBA teams either looking towards a playoff push or looking toward the future of their franchise; it is trade deadline day. While what may have been the biggest deal happened months ago (Iverson to Denver), rumours swirl, like always, about big names moving across the board. Stay tuned for more but until something breaks.

Until then, a few notes from last night:

San Antonio 103, Atlanta 96

Manu Ginobili came off the bench and poured in an outstanding 40 points against the lowly Hawks last night. What’s even more incredible than the fact that Brent Barry got the start over him is that he actually scored 24 of the Spurs points in a row; a feat that is rarely heard of. It sure looks like the Argentinean is making a case for 6th man of the year, but technically, he was the 7th man on the floor for the Spurs (behind Matt Bonner). I’m sure the voters wont’ care though.

Philadelphia 104, New York 84

I finally heard a better nickname for Kyle Korver than simply calling him Ashton Kutcher. In a highlight package I saw last night, the announcer busted out “The Butterfly Effect.” It captures the Ashton-look-a-like theme but also adds a new dimension to it. He didn’t have a bad game last night either. In fact, one would say, he had a really good game. The Butterfly Effect dropped 31 on the hapless Knicks while having afflictions on both of his feet (turf toe on the left, plantar fasciitis in his right). It’s not quite Manu’s 40, but the race for 6th man seems to be heating up.

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