February 28, 2007

Two NBA Notes

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Ponder This…

After watching the Cleveland vs. the Hornets last night and reading several stories about LeBron’s slump this year, I had a thought on the subject that I think should be addressed. Does anybody remember when Michael Redd was ready to become a free agent and every team in the league that had the cap space to sign him was chomping at the bit? Then they dreams were shattered when Redd chose to resign with the Bucks. The Cavs ended up bringing in Larry Hughes who was coming off of a huge season with Washington and looked to be a good suitor for King James’ number-two role. Fast-forward to the present and LeBron is still playing without another great starter on the roster while Redd persuaded me to actually believe in a sad-sack Milwaukee team. Imagine where the Cleveland Cavaliers would be right now had they gotten Redd instead of Hughes. LeBron would still be trying, Redd would be at the top of the league in scoring with James feeding him and Hughes would still be injury-prone wherever he ended up. Even the Bucks would’ve benefited from letting Redd go. Do you not think they would be the leading candidate for the Durant/Oden sweepstakes? Oh, what could’ve been.

The Suns burn the East

After taking out the Pacers in Indiana last night, the Phoenix Suns became the first team ever to win every road game against the Eastern Conference in a season. If you had told me this would happen at the beginning of the season, I would’ve believed you. In fact, I would’ve been more surprised if you told that the Suns would be the only team in West to go undefeated on the road against East teams this year. That shows how low the East have slid down the line.

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