March 2, 2007

The NFL Offseason kicks off

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Free Agency Begins!

Joey Porter – One of the biggest mouths in the game, both literally and figuratively. Seriously, have you seen this guy’s jaw? It’s huge! He also used to be a great linebacker, now, he’s just good.

Drew Bledsoe – The statuesque one will be looking for a new team to go to and make everyone realize how good their back up QB is.

Nate Clements – The best CB on the market will attract a ton of attention. Leave it to the Bills to let one of their best players go. At least they still have the best punter in the game. Go Brian Moorman!

Adalius Thomas – The versatile former Raven will be looking for new digs after Baltimore realized they wouldn’t be able to keep him.

Joe Horn – The former all-pro missed some of last season with an injury but should be back in full form next season. I would make some sort of joke right here but I really don’t have anything on Joe besides the fact he nearly killed my fantasy team this year.

Jamal Lewis – The ex-con will hit the market but expect Baltimore to be right back in the mix. After all, how far can he really go with a tracker bracelet on his ankle?

Plummer retires to avoid trade.

This is a pretty good example of selfishness in sports. After the Broncos agreed to trade Jake the Snake to Tampa Bay, Plummer announced his retirement when he learned that he would have to compete for the starting job with the incumbent Chris Simms. That does seem like a slap in the face considering this is Chris Simms we’re talking about. Anybody should know that even Jake Plummer is superior to Chris Simms. Sadly, now we’ll never know if Jake would grow his beard out in a warmer climate.

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