March 6, 2007

Round Ball round-up

by In: Basketball

D-Wade makes his decision

The Miami Heat’s phenom guard has decided to rehab his dislocated shoulder instead of undergoing season-ending surgery. The Heat and D-Wade are optimistic that he can be back for the play-offs and possibly propel them to another championship. The problem with that is that the Heat aren’t necessarily guaranteed a spot in the playoffs right now and may even struggle to make it in. I would hate to be the higher-ranked seed that draws them in the first round if Wade can make it back.

Ron-Ron Arrested

It’s been a while since everyone’s favourite lunatic has made the news for off-court reasons. Truly, I couldn’t tell you the last thing that Ron Artest had done before this but it’s more because Stephen Jackson and Pac Man Jones are trying to steal his title. Well, Monday morning, Ron Artest was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in his 5-acre estate. Needless to say the Sacramento Kings have excused him indefinitely and if I was running that team, I would have been looking for excuses to do and waiting until something like this fell into my lap.

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