March 7, 2007

Free Agent train keeps rolling

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

You can feel it’s starting to slow down, but you know it’s still moving. As the names keep moving, you can expect activity to dwindle; at least until the draft arrives. Here’s what came across the wire recently:

Joey Porter – Miami Dolphins: After reading about the happenings of the South Beach area during Super Bowl weekend and having been led to believe it is constantly a party, regardless of the weekend, Joey’s going to get in some trouble down there. Also, Joey and Jason Taylor on the same defense should scare a few teams; namely, their division rivals.

Brad Johnson – Dallas Cowboys: Get rid of one aging, immobile QB, sign another. This move makes sense from a few stand points. Firstly, you need a back-up quarterback that can come in and possibly lead your team if needed. Secondly, we won’t know if Tony Romo has gotten over “The Hold” so there’s no telling how he’ll perform next year. Thirdly, it’s always good to have a mentor for your younger skill-position guys. Lastly, you never want to sign a back up that is good enough to challenge your number one guy; it will rattle his confidence. It’s safe to say that Romo shouldn’t be running on too much of that right now and that Johnson is too old to challenge anyone these days.

Daniel Graham – Denver Broncos: Denver apparently won a bidding war with Seattle for this near-top-tier tight end. Graham’s often overlooked as one of the better TEs in the game because he played in a two-TE system last year and for that reason, his numbers suffered. He was still better than any other pass-catcher on New England last year but that’s not saying too much.

Luke Petitgout – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Petitgout is one of those tackles that are nondescript because he does his job but doesn’t do enough to warrant attention. That actually makes him better than you think because you’re more likely to notice the bad offensive line plays because they’re the ones that end up with star QBs getting injured. The best part of this story is that now I can take an easier run at Eli Manning when playing Madden 2008 next fall.

Brian Simmons – New Orleans Saints: The guys at The Big Lead said it better than I could write, “Brilliant. Cincinnati lets go of the one defender who wasn’t arrested last season.”

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