March 8, 2007

The train continues…

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

With very few big name free agents still on the board I’m glad I won’t have to think up lame titles for NFL signings post any more. In fact, after perusing ESPN’s top-30 unrestricted free agent list, there are only three left that interest me (Donte Stallworth, Cato June and Nick Harper). As the draft grows near there will be trade rumblings though and jockeying for position; that’s when moves get real interesting. But, for now, here’s the recent big-name NFL signings:

Jamal Lewis – Cleveland Browns: Jamal joins the team he played against when he set the record for rushing yards in a game back in 2003. He also set the record for most rushing yards against one team for a season that year against Cleveland. This gives the Browns one less thing to worry about, but there’s still many other things on that list.

Patrick Ramsey – Denver Broncos: Incredibly, I overheard an announcer proclaim that Ramsey was the best back up quarterback available in free agency. It seems like just yesterday young Ramsey was the face of the future for the Washington Redskins; I was laughing at him then and I’m still laughing at him now.

Joe Horn – Atlanta Falcons: Reports indicate that the Falcon’s are close to signing their division rival’s highly-touted wide receiver. With Horn coming to Atlanta, he automatically jumps towards the top of the list of best WRs that have played with Michael Vick but he also joins two other lists: best WRs to get pissed off the Vick is more of a running-back than a QB and best WRs to wish that Matt Schaub was playing QB instead of Mike Vick.

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