March 15, 2007

It’s Finally Here!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I our tradition of “friendly” competition, the Intern and I have, like a large percentage of people in North America, have filled out our brackets and are going to face off in a head to head over the next few weeks for bragging rights. Since we wouldn’t want to run our entire brackets here, we’ll just give up our final four picks.


Florida: They’ve returned their five starters from last year’s championship team but more importantly, have you seen the competition in the Midwest bracket? It’s pathetic. The only team with a chance to unseat them is Wisconsin, but their Centre’s injured.

UCLA: My pick to win it all because, quite frankly, they’re my pick to win it all every year and I have no idea why. I’m not buying into Kansas’s team and I don’t know enough about Pittsburgh and So. Ill to take them. I do know that Duke sucks though.

Ohio State: Mark my words: If Ohio State and Texas A&M reach the elite 8, that will be one hell of a game to watch. Acie Law IV is going to show what he’s made of and Greg Oden is Greg Oden.

Texas: They have, by far, the hardest competition in their region but I can see Kevin Durant shining under the tournament’s pressure a la Carmelo Anthony. They’re going to have to fight through every game, well, except for their first round match up with New Mexico State.

The Intern’s picks will come later…

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