March 15, 2007

The Intern’s thoughts on: The NCAA tourney

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I am sitting at home right now, watching the two juggernauts of the West fighting for alpha-dog status in the NBA; the Dirk led Mavs vs. Steve Nash’s Suns and the funny thing is that I really don’t care. Usually in situations like this, I would be clutching my knees giggling like an Asian school girl, but on the eve of the NCAA Tournament, all I can think about is my bracket. I keep going over in my head can Georgia Tech actually beat the Gators to advance to the final four and who will come up victorious in the elite 8, the Hoyas or the Longhorns? I might not be a college hoops guru, but every March I always get swept up in the excitement of the tournament. One thing is for sure and that is I will definitely not get a good night’s sleep because I will be up tossing and turning all night dissecting my bracket.

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