March 19, 2007


by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Let’s hope you didn’t take too many upsets in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament because if you did, your bracket most likely isn’t looking too good right now. Since it’s always a cop out taking all the high seeds, you shouldn’t even feel good about your bracket if you’re leading right now anyway. That is unless you’re somehow winning due to the attrition in your pool, then you can celebrate and gloat all you want.

I’m not in any position to gloating right now; over the weekend I’ve lost two of my elite 8 and one of my finalists (Texas). It could be worse but it could definitely be better. Who would’ve thought that Kevin Durant couldn’t, in fact, lead his team by himself? I certain thought he could; it’s too bad there are no mulligans.

The Intern is doing slightly better but is also down 2 of his elite 8 (Georgia Tech and Texas).


The Intern’s Final Four are Kansas, Florida, Georgetown and Memphis. He would write to tell you why but he’s a very busy man. (Read that last sentence with a sarcastic tone.)

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  1. I’m impressed! I found your site on Google looking for something totally unrelated- and now I’m gonna need to go the old material! So much for my spare time this morning, but this was a really awesome find!

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