March 20, 2007

NHL gets more press for wrong reasons

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

The NHL suspended Jordin Tootoo five games for punching Stephane Robidas of the Dallas Stars in the face; the punch knocked him unconscious. Tootoo clearly saw Robidas coming towards him after landing a big hit on Mike Modano. The fact that this got nearly headline play on is another reassurance that the NHL is just a joke in the U.S. and only draws attention when the worst incidents happen.

Tonight in Toronto, look for the Leaf’s goon squad to try to exact revenge on Cam Janssen for his hit on Tomas Kaberle that still has him feeling the effects of the concussion he suffered. If the game goes anything like the press wants it to, expect some scuffles to say the least; maybe even a story on ESPN’s main page.

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