March 22, 2007

Win Some/ Lose Some: Schaub to Houston

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

After being dealt from his cushy spot as Mike Vick’s back up in Atlanta, Matt Schaub will now, presumably, take the reins of the Houston Texan’s offense. Well, it’s only presumably because David Carr hasn’t lived up to his potential and there’s no way that the Texans would give away two draft picks and swap for a lower first round pick for a QB they would use as a back up; it doesn’t make sense.

And now for the win some/ lose some, a new gimmick I just thought up.

Win some: The Texans, Matt Schaub and Mike Vick. The Texans get a new starting QB whose potential everyone rants and raves about. Schaub gets his opportunity to start and live up to his name and Michael Vick gets a vote of confidence from Falcons management.

Lose some: Matt Schaub, The Falcons and David Carr: Schaub is now heading to a team that has given up nearly 250 sacks over Carr’s tenure; I hope he likes lying on his back. The Falcons now no longer have a back up plan or insurance policy in case Vick turns into a lemon like he usually does. David Carr, who will more than likely not be QBing for the Texans next season, is now out of a job. The bright side is he could be traded to Oakland now; but that’s not really a bright side now is it?

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