March 23, 2007

Ohio State completes huge comeback

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I never thought I would actually say that the consensus number 1 pick in this year’s NBA draft (Greg Oden) was better off being on the bench during last night’s 20 point come from behind victory against Tennessee. Oden, who got himself into foul trouble, something he does exceedingly well at, was on the bench for a large portion of last night’s game than I’m sure he wanted to be. The weird thing was, in his absence was the time that Ohio actually stepped it up. The play of his back up forward, a white boy named Terwilliger surprised me the most. From the looks of it, the back up had a starter calibre game. If this doesn’t seal the fate of Durant at number one, I’m not sure what does. But it still comes down to how the ping-pong balls fall and if Durant and Oden decide to declare or not.

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