March 23, 2007

OJ Mayo. Learn the name in case you haven’t yet.

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The best high school basketball player in the States is OJ Mayo; without a doubt. He is heading to USC next year for college and, knowing the current one-and-done trend of top-tier college talent look for him to declare for the NBA as soon as he can. While he is very talented, he is surrounded by controversy including possible drug charges and associating with people the NCAA don’t look too kindly on. There is some actual doubt if he will be able to play next year, but let’s keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the youtube video of his last high school dunk.


The part of this dunk that really gets me is that after he slams it home, he grabs the ball and launches it into the stands. This is all well and fine and shows some intensity but during play? Are you kidding me? David Stern is going to grow to hate this guy if he doesn’t clean up his act by the time he’s drafted.

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