March 26, 2007

NBA Wrap

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Kobe’s wild ride comes to an end

It feels pretty disappointing to see Kobe fall short of the 50-point plateau after watching him catch fire during the past 4 games. His 43 points on 15 for 33 shooting were good enough to give L.A. a two point win over the Golden State Warriors though. It is completely possible that he could get back the 50 point mark in his next game on Tuesday at home to Memphis, a team he lit up on Thursday. It would be seriously beneficial to my fantasy team as well.

Gilbert being Gilbert

In another case of his quirky nature, Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas has been fined by the NBA for admittedly gambling with fans during a game in Portland on Wednesday. Arenas openly bet $10 that he would make the game-winning shot if he had the chance to. Too bad his shot was awful and fell short of the rim. While this entire situation is quirky in itself, the NBA’s reaction was better when they become aware that Gil had posted about the bet in his blog; they actually edited any reference to the aforementioned bets out of it. So much for the freedom of the press.

Arenas also fell far short of his promise to scorch the coaches that left him off the U.S. Olympic team. Finishing with 19 points, he was wildly unimpressive and played below his average. So much for revenge too I guess.

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