March 27, 2007

The NBA Last Night

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

‘Sheed hits best buzz-beater of year

In case you missed it the Denver Nuggets coughed up a game on a double-unbelievable play last night. Firstly, with very little time remaining and up by three, the Nuggets only had to inbound the ball to one of their own team to win the game; that didn’t happen. Next, Rasheed Wallace, you came up with the ball off the inbound, had to jack up a shot within fractions of seconds from nearly 60 feet away and hit it; of course, he did. For sure, this will end up as one of the shots of the year.

Raptors tank it in Boston

Just a few days after the Boston Celtics and their coach Doc Rivers were accused of blatantly tanking a game by leaving their second-stringers in to choke away a big lead, they did an about-face and took out their division leaders. It really helped the Raps franchise player, Chris Bosh, only hit on 5-for-19 shooting but watching their teammate Jorge Garbajosa go down with a bad looking leg injury probably didn’t help either. Toronto better hope it’s only a sprain because Garbo is a key to their style of play this season.

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