March 30, 2007

Phoenix loses to guys who looked ugly

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Front offices around the NBA most have some sort of filter on their email accounts preventing updates regarding throwback uniforms to get through. The update, of course, is that they went back out of style two, maybe three years ago. Yet, they’re still popping up in highlight reels at least once a week. Last night was one of those nights and also turned out to be a proving night for the Phoenix Suns; you cannot win a championship if you’re giving up 109 points in three quarters to a sub-.500 team. It doesn’t happen. Defense wins you championships; offense wins your players awards. Look at the Spurs and Pistons; they won titles with defense first attitudes. Playing “matador” defense like the Suns do isn’t a way to a title and is also setting a bad example for the kids. Shame on you Steve Nash.

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