April 4, 2007

Predictions for the MLB Season!

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Since the most note-worthy event in sports yesterday happened to be the University of Tennessee’s basketball team winning the NCAA women’s championship, I’ll quickly throw down some predictions for the MLB this season (something I probably should have done earlier this week if there wasn’t a ton of news).

The East divisions: It’s hard to go against the New York teams even though their competition is getting better every year. Boston and Philadelphia will give them some runs but a) do you really think the Yanks won’t make the playoffs and b) do you really think Philly has what it takes to knock off the Mets? The Jays have an outside chance of sneaking in but don’t count on it. Florida and the Braves aren’t close to contending yet and as for Baltimore, Washington and Tampa Bay, see you next year boys.
Pick: New York Yankees, New York Mets

The Central divisions: The AL Central is looking like it will be the toughest in baseball this year while its NL counterpart looks like it’s going to be tough because of the lack of superior teams. In the AL, only the Royals don’t realistically have a chance but the Twins don’t have enough good arms to carry them the whole way. Cleveland stank up the joint last year but have too much talent to stay down. The White Sox are on a decline since their World Series win but still are a top-notch team and the Tigers only upgraded their AL championship team. As for the NL, it’s a sad state of affairs when Milwaukee has a shot at contention. Last year the Cardinals won the World Series with the worst record for a champ ever; their team has only declined as well. Houston looks strong but still isn’t very strong despite adding Carlos Lee to their outfield. The Cubs ballooned their payroll but they’re still the Cubs. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh: forget about it.
Pick: Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs.

The West divisions: The only reason anybody will care about the NL west this season is because Barry Bonds will break the home run record, like it or not. Los Angeles looks like the top team here but San Diego will be right there with them. Out in the AL, Seattle will be an improved team and Texas still doesn’t have the pitching which leaves the Angels and the A’s. These two will slug it out but it really comes down to if the Angels make a huge deadline deal or not. Since it doesn’t look seem like AROD will be moved mid-season, the A’s should take it.
Pick: Los Angeles, Oakland

The Wildcards: Always the toughest races to call but it’s hard to not see the Red Sox in the playoffs, if only for the inevitable Yanks-Sox showdown. Look for Toronto, Cleveland and Chicago to have a go at it too though. If Houston’s bats can overcome their pitching, specifically Brad Lidge, who’s turned into the worst closer in baseball, they can steal the wildcard away for the Cards and Phillies.
Pick: Boston, Houston

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