April 10, 2007

Bad day for Miami athletes who drink

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Ice Hockey

Not one, not two but three athletes based out of Miami were arrested yesterday for having too much to drink. First, it was reported that Florida Panthers goaltender Ed Belfour and forward Ville Peltonen were arrested after a scuffle with some cops on South Beach. Belfour, who has been known as a drinker in the past, was with Peltonen when the bar’s managers asked the police to escort him out. Eddie didn’t take to kindly to this and (this is my favourite part) “approached the officer in a fighting stance” and then shoved him. Needless to say, the cops didn’t back down and Eddie and Ville were taken in to the drunk tank before being bailed out.

Next on tap, Miami Heat forward James Posey was arrested on South Beach for driving under the influence after he was found stopping his car in the middle of two-lane road while talking to pedestrians and other drivers. Posey was found with bloodshot eyes, a strong scent of alcohol on his breath and slurred his speech when he talked. He was released after paying $1000 bond.

In the wake of these arrests, wouldn’t it have been a ton better if Officer Shaquille O’Neal was the one doing the arresting? Just try to picture a drunken Ed Belfour (not hard) walking (or stumbling) towards Shaq with his fists raised, and then shoving him while falling to the ground drunk. Yes, I’m laughing a bit too.

You have to love South Beach and understand why everyone wants to play there.

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