April 11, 2007

NFL comes down with iron fist

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Commissioner Roger Goodell came down on Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry yesterday with seismic force. Pacman will be forced to sit out the entire upcoming season while Henry got away with an eight-game suspension. Both players were involved in multiple off-field incidents with the law that were widely publicized.

Pacman Jones, who plays for the Tennessee Titans has been interviewed by the police ten times over the past year regarding five different cases and that’s not including his involvement in a (hilarious) scene during the NBA’s all-star weekend in Las Vegas. During that weekend, Pacman had brought $63,000 in bills to a strip club with the intention of “making it rain money”; this caused a brawl broke out and three people were shot.

Henry, a member of a Cincinnati Bengals team that ended up with nine different players arrested at some point of the past season, has been arrested four times in the past 14 months. He was pretty much the poster child of an unruly team and had already been suspended for two games for his conduct. While the team hopes he can right his ship, it seems doubtful to me at least.

All I can say to them both is that when you put up numbers on the field, there’s always a spot on the Oakland Raiders for you guys.

Side note: While the whole “Game Over” headline may be alright to an extent, it already smells stale guys, let’s try something new.

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