April 16, 2007

Jackie Robinson Day

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Mother Nature apparently didn’t like the fact that players were being allowed to sport the universally retired number 42 in a tribute Jackie Robinson yesterday. Six games were postponed due to rain in the northeastern US to put a damper on the ceremonies. Some entire teams were planning to don the number to honor the day which marked the 60th anniversary of Robinson’s major-league debut which shattered the colour barrier. Other teams only had one or two players wear the number but two of them stuck out to me.

Barry Bonds: Having the most hated player in the league plan to wear the number 42 isn’t exactly the smartest P.R. move in my opinion; maybe this is why their was a massive storm in the northeast where Barry’s team just so happened to be scheduled for a doubleheader.

Rich Harden: I just don’t get why a white boy pitcher from Canada would be wearing the number. The whites broke the colour barrier decades for the African-americans.

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