April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

With at least 33 dead and 20 others injured after a brutal shooting spree at Virginia Tech, it is the deadliest shooting incident in North American history and there is no way that anyone can make a joke out of it. While the event is despicable, this is front page news and needs to be discussed. Furthermore, this is sports blog so this seems like an appropriate forum to discuss this massacre’s effect on the sporting world. It wouldn’t be out of question that memorial tributes and moments of silences will be held in remembrance at sporting events, but how will this whole situation have an impact on recruiting for V. Tech? One can surmise that while this won’t likely happen again (god forbid it does) but would you, assuming you’re a high potential high school prospect, want to sign up for a school that just suffered a blow like this? Also to be taken into consideration is the prior students of the school don’t have the best reputation, namely Marcus and Michael Vick. Virginia Tech has suffered a lot and this will more than likely have a lasting effect of suffering.

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