April 21, 2007

NBA Playoffs Preview

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

With another league’s playoffs starting today, you, the lucky readers, get to read another glorious playoff preview.

The East

Chicago vs. Miami: This series should be the one to watch in the East. The Bulls have a strong team with a good all-around line up but the Heat are the defending champs and have the dominating Shaq and D-Wade leading their charge. It’s extremely hard to contain them both but having Ben Wallace in the middle really helps.
Pick: Miami in 6.

Toronto vs. New Jersey: Vince Carter’s return to Toronto for this series will be written and talked about ad nauseam so I won’t get into it here. This series will come down to how the teams perform on the road as the Raps and Nets split the season series where the home team won every game.
Pick: Toronto in 6.

Cleveland vs. Washington: No Gilbert Arenas, no Caron Butler, no problem; for the Cavaliers that is. The Wizards injuries couldn’t have come at worse time. This should be a walkthrough for LeBron and company and Washington probably won’t even be able to steal a win.
Pick: Cleveland in 4

Detroit vs. Orlando: The Pistons shouldn’t have any problems rolling through this Magic team. Dwight Howard will play great as he can but it’s hard to not see the Pistons taking him out of the equation.
Pick: Detroit in 4.

The West

Phoenix vs. L.A. Lakers: As much as I love Kobe Bryant because he’s the best player in the league, the rest of his Lakers aren’t much to talk about. Shawn Marion’s Suns shouldn’t have a problem like they did last year in this match up. Kobe can steal a game, maybe two, but not an entire series.
Pick: Phoenix in 5.

Dallas vs. Golden State: Talk to anyone and they’ll tell you’re the hip pick in this series is the Warriors toppling the number one seed Mavericks. Just because the Warriors have won five straight against the Mavs in the regular season doesn’t mean much to, at least, me in the postseason.
Pick: Dallas in 5.

San Antonio vs. Denver: The defensive-minded Spurs will have their hands full trying to guard both Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. Throw defensive player of the year candidate Marcus Camby into the mix and the Nuggets could upset the Spurs; probably not though.
Pick: San Antonio in 7.

Utah vs. Houston: The Jazz had a season that no one expected them to and did it with their star Andrei Kirilenko having a very below average go at it. Players like Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur played incredibly but it will be hard for them to tackle this Rockets team. The only way I can see Houston losing is if they shoot themselves in their collective feet. McGrady and Yao are too much.
Pick: Houston in 6.

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