April 25, 2007

Blow outs galore!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

After game 1’s debacle where the Nets smartly countered the Raps “let’s give away free red t-shirts” idea by wearing red themselves, Toronto evened up their series with an 89-83 win last night. This six-point game was the closest of the night. Around the league, the Heat lost to the Bulls 107-89 to fall behind in their series 2-0. At least their series shifts to Miami for Friday which could help them out. The Lakers got smoked by Shawn Marion and the Suns 126-98 in a game that saw Kobe go 5-13 shooting. It’s not hard to strategize against the Lakers; just don’t let Kobe kill you. It’s really that simple.

Tonight we get to see Dirk (the future 2007 MVP) avenge his team’s game 1 loss to the Golden State Warriors and Baron Davis’s beard. Lebron, healthy or not, will take on the Wizards in what shouldn’t be a close a game and the A.I. and Melo tag team looks to take down the Spurs again.

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