April 27, 2007

Jazz and Lakers make it interesting

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Both the Utah Jazz and the L.A. Lakers came home for game 3 and didn`t disappoint their home crowds last night. Orlando did disappoint but we already knew they were going to lose.

The Jazz held Yao, T-Mac and the Rockets to a measly 67 points last night. Yao and McGrady did their fair share of scoring netting 26 and 24 respectively, but the bench didn`t make a single bucket and the other three starters combined for 17. That is not a way to win a series; or draw television ratings for that matter.

Kobe got some help from his friends last night and had a great game as well. The Black Mamba scored 45 while Kwame Brown scored 19 and Lamar had a double-double with 18 points and 12 rebounds. The Suns had a notable brain cramp coming to the end of the game when, down by 4 with 38 seconds to go, the Suns let Kobe walk the ball up the court after a defensive rebound and run the clock down to 20 seconds. This is before Kobe decided to drive and get fouled with the shot clock waning. D`Antoni`s a good coach you say? Yeah, right.

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