May 3, 2007

More pieces to the puzzle fall

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

With the Spurs and Suns sending their opponents to the showers for good last night, the stage is now set for the Suns’ demise. Then, thankfully, the bad example of a basketball player, Steve Nash, will be sent home and kids will actually learn how to play defense by watching a playoff team. Again, how is a man with no defensive skills an MVP?

Last night also so the forgotten about Michael Finley of the Spurs hit eight of his nine three point attempts in the Spurs 93-78 defeat of the Nuggets. Denver is a perfect example of the fact that having superior offensive players (Iverson and Anthony) won’t get you passed a superior defensive team like the Spurs.

Kobe couldn’t carry the weight of an entire series on his shoulders and it’s really becoming very obvious that he needs a better second fiddle than Lamar Odom and a better third fiddle than the likes of Luke Walton, Andrew Bynum or Smush Parker. It would be hard to win a pick-up game at the local courts with those last three guys on your side.

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