May 8, 2007

Conference Finals all set.

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

I’ll be the first to admit that I watched as little of the second round of NHL playoffs as I probably could. I would love to say things like Buffalo looked good or this team got screwed but I can’t. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s the media’s fault (which is still partly my fault I guess) or maybe it’s the NHL’s fault. So, without further ado or excuse, here are my NHL Conference Final picks.

Ottawa vs. Buffalo: I know Ottawa has a great team and they’re the only Canadian team left but is anybody actually rooting for them? There isn’t a less likable hockey team I can think of than the Senators and my favourite team isn’t even a rival of theirs. So with pure, blinded hatred, I’ve got to pick Buffalo to pound them. More so that I hope it will happen than the likelihood it actually will. I’d also like to see Ryan Miller pound Ray Emery in another brawl.
Sabres in 6.

Detroit vs. Anaheim: Now this is the series I really know nothing about… So, seeing how at the beginning of the playoffs I chose an Anaheim – Buffalo finals, there’s really no reason to turn my back on that prediction now.
Ducks in 6.

It’s not my fault that the NBA playoffs have been more exciting and overall better at drawing my attention. But, then again, even last year’s NHL playoffs where a number 8 seed went to the finals didn’t have me caring as much as Golden State does now.

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